U Shaped Massage Neck Pillow

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style: A
Electrical outlet: USB
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1. Simulate a hand massage, you can experience the feeling of massage in the shop at home.
2. Both positive and negative kneading make the massage more comfortable, dredge the meridians and relieve fatigue.
3. It is suitable for supporting the circuit and supporting the weight of the neck in each round.
4. Constant temperature hot compress, help you sleep more soundly

Product information:
Appearance shape: Near square/round square
Applicable parts: neck
Number of massage heads: 4 and below
Gear position: 3 gears
Function: Timing
Power supply mode: rechargeable
Massage techniques: massage, kneading
Style: A three-key kneading + vibration + heating, B three-key kneading + heating
Color: brown

Packing list:

Massage pillow X1

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