Smart Watch with Blood Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate

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  • 【Monitor your health in real time】Automatically monitor your heart rate throughout the day, and measure blood pressure and blood oxygen. It can automatically determine whether to enter the sleep state, summarize the sleep time, and monitor the quality of sleep. Can help you better understand your health.
  • 【Personalized smart watch】1.28 inches full touch color screen, 240*240 pixel resolution, clear and bright screen.The smart watch contains multiple dials to choose from, including the dial in the APP, or you can customize the dial, which can be any photos of family members, pets, etc.
  • 【Motion tracking 】The watch accurately tracks your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep status, blood pressure, blood oxygen; smart watch supports: walking/running/hiking/exercising/riding/swinging sports modes. Allows you to understand your all-day activities in more detail.
  • 【Smart reminder and multi-function】Women's menstrual cycle calculation, call reminder, text message,Reject call,APP message notification (the watch cannot answer/reply messages, call or reply text messages), remote control music and mobile phone photography, games, sedentary reminder, phone search, do not disturb mode, stopwatch, brightness adjustment , Power-Energy-saving mode and other functions to meet your daily needs.
  • 【Compatibility and quality service】Compatible systems: Android4.4 and above, Bluetooth 4.0mobile phone; Iphone iOS 8.2 and above.The package includes:Smart Watch*1,TPU Silicone Strap*1, Magnetic Charger*1,User Manual*1. If your have any problem, please feel free to contact our customer service via your amazon account.

Product Description

Camonti Smart Watch

  • Owning it is equivalent to owning a personal fitness trainer to help you record your exercise and bring you a healthy lifestyle.
  • Not only does it record exercise, this Camonti smartwatch can also monitor your physical state, including heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure. It is convenient for you to know your physical condition at all times.
  • More intimately, it is also equipped with a female menstrual cycle recording function. This watch allows you to know yourself better.(It is also a very intimate gift to give this watch to my mother, wife, and girlfriend)

Operational Instructions

1. Power on: long press the power button for 3 seconds topower on, and then enter the time interface

2. Power off: In the time interface state,long press thepower button for 3 seconds to enter the power off interface,and then long press the power button or the screen toconfirm the power-off;or drop down the "Shortcut Menu"and select"Power Off"'.

3. Brighten screen: Press the power button to brightenscreen, or rotate wrist in the APP settings, so that the wristis rotated to brighten screen.

4.Touch: swipe left and right to switch the interface, swipeup and down to turn pages,click enter or confirm,andswipe right to return or exit;

It is powerful, and owning it is like having endless imagination.

Main Functions Instructions

1. Time Interface: 1 custom dial (select your favorite picture as the background in the "custom interface” on the APP)+3 fixed dials +3 APP push dials (select your favorite dial in the Dial Market on the APP for replacement);Swipe left and right under the time interface and the first一level menu to switch the dial at will.

*Under strong light please select the appropriate dial and screen brightness.

2.Language Settings: After the watch is connected to the mobile phone APP it will automatically synchronize the mobile phone language. If necessary ,it can also set the language on the watch and currently ,it supports 20languages;

3. Step-counting: Record the number of steps ,sports mileage and heat consumed on the day, and synchronize the data with app;

4.Sleep: Automatically detect sleep time and status from 10:o0 pm to 8: 00 am, and synchronize data with app. It can detect data only by wearing a wristband to sleep;

5.Heart Rate Measurement: Click the wristband heart rate interface to "Start Measuring"; Measure the heart rate all day: Turn on Heart Rate Timing Measurement 'in APP Device Management";

6.Sports:walking/running/hiking/exercising/riding/swinging after Bluetooth successfully connects with the mobile phone App, the data will be synchronized to the APP; Click Start Measuring" on the sports interface to select the sports mode you need,and enter the sports mode interface,thesports data will be displayed: mileage/consumption/heartrate,and swipe the screen to the right to exit the sportsmode.

7. Blood Pressure Measurement: Enter the blood pressure measurement interface,please keep your body relaxed during the measurement,and the blood pressure value willbe displayed after 30 seconds;

8. Blood Oxygen Measurement: Enter the blood oxygen measurement interface,plcase keep your body relaxed during the measurement,and the blood oxygen saturationwill be displayed after 30 seconds;

9.Female Physiological Cycle (optional): For femaleusers,each stage of their physiological cycle will berecorded;

10. Reminder Settings: Turn on the App, set“Alarm ClockReminder","Drinking Water Reminder, Excessive Sitting Reminder,Message Reminder,Call Reminder and SocialSoftware Reminder (Twitter,Facebook,Whatsapp,etc.)in the interface of“Device Management"一“Reminder Settings".

11.Remote Control Photographing: Android: The systemturns on the mobile phone APP, and the watch enters the remote control photographing function and clicks “Start Photographing" to complete the photographing;IOS: enterthe “Photographing Control”on the watch,turn on the camera on the mobilephone, and click “Start Photographing" to complete the photographing.

12.Music Control: Keep the connection between the watchand the mobile phone APP, enter the watch music menu,and click Play to successfully play the music in the mobilephone;Click to pause or resume,click to play theprevious song, clickto play the next song)

13.Game (optional): Enter the game menu and click toenter the game,and it can be controlled by touch and gravity sensors;

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