Smart Blood Pressure Watch for Android & iPhones

Color: Pink
Size: T99Pro
Sale price$57.20


  • ☀Smart Watch for Android/iOS: Our fitness watch is compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones. Aside from that, our tracking device provides a full touch screen and is easy to use. Our smart watch bands will never let you miss any important things. Our android watch is a perfect companion for your daily life. You won’t miss any notification which is important while on the go.
  • ☀Bluetooth Smartwatch for Android: In addition, our digital watch men can sync contacts and call history. Our smart fitness watch makes sure you don't miss any vital calls or texts. What's the best way to pair? 1. Install the "Da fit" app from Play store or Apple Store and build a profile. 2. Click "Add a Device" under "Device." 3. From the scanning list, select your unit. 4. Finish.
  • ☀Fitness Tracker Watch: With our blood pressure watch can monitor heart rate, sleep, and steps, among other things. You have the ability with our fitness tracker with GPS to change and develop your lifestyle and everyday habits. One can check multiple things with our step tracker like pulse rate, blood pressure while on the go. One can enjoy while driving or while doing any sports because you won’t have to carry your mobile phone while using our smart watches.
  • ☀Smartwatches for Men/Women: In addition to recording real-time data and receiving incoming calls or messages, this GPS tracker has additional features such as a remote camera, music monitor, temperature, timer, calendar, and clock. Our step counter screen brightness is customizable and you can enjoy other great smart features such as music control, timer settings, and more. Stay motivated all day!
  • ☀Perfect Wrist Digital Watch: With two separate smart watch bands (silicone and metal), this fitness watches for men/women can be worn for a variety of occasions, including office, business, sports, and casual. Elegant, cool, and comfortable wrist decoration. Our android watch has a unique design with beautiful combination of twin bands provided with it.

Product Description

Tips to help you use the smart watch smoothly:

  1. When you first use the smart watch, please charge it first to activate it, or it will not turn on.
  2. This smart watch can work with most iOS 8.0/Android 4.4 or above and Bluetooth 4.0 or later smartphones. The app name is 'Da fit app’. Please install it in your smartphone first, then connect the smart watch to your smartphone through the app instead of through your phone's Bluetooth list to reach the complete functions.
  3. Before you track your sports date, please enter your information in the app, such as height, weight, age etc. to get accurate readings.
  4. When start to track the heart rate, please make the smart watch touch well with your skin and wait for seconds to get stable and accurate readings.
  5. To keep tracking of your footsteps please remember to have a stable Bluetooth connectivity with your cellphone app provided to you for tracking your tracks. Pedometers are electronically sensitive if having any issues restart the watch.

Tips: Please follow the steps below to keep a comfortable and skin-friendly wearing experience.

  • Please clean the smart watch regularly, and keep it clean and dry when wearing it.
  • Please don't wear the smart watch too tight or wear it for a long time, so your wrist skin can breathe well and feel comfortable.

How to Pair?

1. Download the "Dafit".

2. Open the “Dafit” app and set up your profile.

3. Go to the “Device”, click “Add a Device” in the app.

4. Choose "T99S" on the scanning list.

5. Then pair with the "Audio_T99S" to open the Bluetooth call and music play.

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