Rune Crystal Epoxy Ogan Energy Pyramid

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style: A
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The color of the pyramid changes depending on the angle of view.
Set crystal pyramid in a room to bring harmony and clear away negativity.
Cleanse the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness
Best Value for Collection and Gift.

Material: Crystal
Style: Unisex
Modeling: Geometry
Crystal type: white crystal
Packaging: Individually packed
Size: The bottom side is 5 cm long and the vertical height is 5 cm
Style A: Wealth-Wealth and Keep Wealth
Style B: Angel-Double Harvest in Love Career
Style C: Rights-Health and Wealth
Style D: Gift-Love Peach Blossom
Style E: Messenger-Academic Career
Style F: Dawn-Partial Wealth Lucky
Style G: Horse-Emotional Complex
Style H: Sun-Sweet Love
Style I: Family-Zhaocaiwang FU Hemu
Style J: God of War-Promotion
Style K: Birth-a new beginning
Style L: Humanity-Popularity and Noble Popularity
Style M: Torch-Love reached
Style N: Hurricane-exhaust chu negative energy
Style O: Traveler-Safe in and out
Style P: Survival-End Doom
Style Q: Different World-Broken Love Complex
Style I: Joy-Good Yun Lianlian
Style S: Water-enhance artistic perception
Style T: Ice-everything that doesn't freeze well
Style U: Guardian-turn to yun
Style V: Thor-anti villain
Style W: Good Harvest-Career Rise
Style X: Magic-Lucky
Style Y: Universe-full function

Package Content:
1 x Ogan Pyramid Ornaments

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