Intelligent Robot Vacuum

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Color: Black
power: USB
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1. The body is only 6.2cm high, freely enter the bottom of the furniture, is truly clean, and high coverage
Smart traversal with a slim body
Only thin can be swept
2. Intelligent planning and cleaning of the cleaning route is more comprehensive
Bow type cleaning
Add gyroscope
3. Clean up against the edge of the wall, leaving no dead corners close to the edge
Smart edge cleaning
Clean new upgrade
4. Effectively protect yourself and the safety of furniture
Intelligent anti-collision
(Automatically turn when encountering obstacles)
5. Efficiently sense the height difference and turn in time to prevent falling
Anti-drop device
Sensing height difference

Product Information:

Product Name: Smart Vacuum Cleaner
Charging time: 240 to 300 minutes
Continuous work: about 90 min
Input voltage: 5V
Charging cable: USB
Input current: 0.5-1A
Walking mode: random mode
Rated power: 6w
Product size: 20x 20 x6.2 (plus wheels) cm
2000MAH battery lasting battery life.


Vacuum cleaner x1

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