M100 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

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  • Pump up your voice with our Bluetooth karaoke microphone - It has duel 5-watt output speakers - Alter your voice with eight features or add Echo effects - Sufficient output for a small group party - kids and adults - Lithium battery can power your karaoke party or small meetings and presentations, connect to external speakers for even more volume
  • Hear clear audio sound with Sound Effects Mode - Make your listening and singing experience pop with magic karaoke micorphone anytime and anywhere
  • Connects with your car’s accessories and sound system for perfect carpool or solo surround sound - You can also connect to any device - equipment with the AUX Cable and also with FM RADIO Connection - AUX cable and USB is included - to boost up the volume
  • High efficient Battery - Our Built - in micro rechargeable battery 2600mAh gives you a long and uninterrupted performance - Great for the indoors and outdoors
  • PORTABLE – Light in weight durable and seamless Korean Design provides the perfect performance for recreation singing practice lectures small group meetings or whenever compact personal microphones with multiple features are needed

Product Description

M100 - Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Miracle-M combines dynamic sound with a seamless design and our DSP(Digital Signal Processor) technology creates a MIC that allows you to sing like the stars.

Miracle M100 Wireless Bluetooth MIC

The M100 MIC delivers astonishing sound from its 2 channel speakers and the large sized MIC head is built to exacting standards of the highest quality.

The Lithium battery gives you a long and uninterrupted performance- up to 4 hours. Our Bluetooth 5.0 MIC gives an accurate and a wide range of sound possibilities and added volume. You can also connect any device with the AUX Cable and with FM Radio Connection for a blast of volume.

  • 2 Channel Dynamic Sound
  • Large sized MIC head with the highest quality
  • AUX, FM RADIO CONNECTION for extra volume
  • Highly efficient battery – four hours of singing on a single 2-3 hour charge

2.1 Channel Dual Hi-Fi Speaker

Surprising clear stereo sound from the M100 Dual speakers without distortion. The built-in clear audio and vivid sound effects can make your listening and singing experience more exciting anytime and anywhere

Large MIC Receiver

The large MIC receiver is made to exacting standards of the highest quality. It receives your voice without any outside noise or distortion. Dual dynamic speakers, digital signal processor [DSP] and the large, high-quality MIC allows your voice to be more dramatic. It can also perform an exciting ECHO to your songs to make you a star at parties.

User friendly LED Display

You can easily select Dual, Lyric Elimination, FM Connection and Audience reaction sounds with our user friendly LED Display.

DSP Technology

Audio DSP [Digital Signal Processor] loaded in this Microphone, delivers Real-time voice optimization and background noise reduction to assure you always sound clear.

AUX sound expansion

You can pump up the volume with your Car Audio Speakers using the included AUX Cable.

Connect to FM

You can connect this MIC to your FM radio. Tune your FM Radio to 87.5 MHz or 108.0MHz, and select matched radio Frequency in M100 MIC. Then you can broadcast you voice through our M100 MIC

To connect to any FM Radio follow these steps:

  1. Turn on M-100
  2. Tune your FM Radio to 88.1 or 107.9
  3. On the control panel Push FM to channel A for 88.1 or B for 107.9
  4. YOU MUST Plug an AUX Cable into the AUX Out on the M-100. Cable should be about 2M or 6 feet long [works as an antenna].

Kid Friendly

Easy to use and understand features. Sturdy aluminum alloy construction and quality digital components that are well balanced. Have you had to fight over a MIC with your friends at a Karaoke party? Connect two M-100 MIC and enjoy Duet Mode. You can also use Duet Mode as a stereo surround sound with AUX Speaker or PA System for added volume.

Lyric Elimination

Have you searched all the Karaoke APPS to find your favorite song but it just wasn’t there?

Don’t waste your time, just play your favorite MP3 file and use the Lyric Elimination Mode!

2600mAh High Efficient Battery

Our Built-in rechargeable 18650 Li battery, 2600mAh, gives you up to 4 hours of unforgettable performances. Great for indoors and outdoors.

Charge Time : 2-3 Hours

Use Time: 4 hours [longer at lower volumes]


Bluetooth Standard Bluetooth Ver 5.0 MIC cannot be connected to an external speaker via Bluetooth, AUX Cable only
Speaker output power 2 X 5 Watt
Reverb mode Echo sound reverberation
Power supply Lithium 18650 battery 2,600mAh
Product Weight 480g
Frequency 40Hz-16KHz
Speakers 5 Watts 2 X 5 Watts 1 x 5 Watts 2 X 5 Watts 2 X 20 Watts
Sound Hi-Fi Sound Dual Hi-Fi Sound DSP Hi-Fi Sound DSP Dual Clear Hi-Fi Sound DSP Dual Clear Hi-Fi Sound
Play Time MAX 4 hours MAX 3 hours MAX 6 hours MAX 4 hours MAX 6 hours
Battery Volume 2200 mAh 2200 mAh 2600mAh 2600mAh 2500mAh
Size 3 X 3 X 9.25 in 3.7 X 3 X 10.6 in 2.7 X 2.7 X 10.6 in 3.9 X 3 X 10.8 in 9.8 X 3.7 X 2.3 in
Weight 14 oz 16 oz 20 oz 16 oz 35 oz
Connect to Bluetooth, AUX Bluetooth Bluetooth, AUX Bluetooth, AUX, FM Bluetooth, AUX
Display Easy Panel Easy Panel Easy Panel LED Display LED Display
Other Music Driven LED Black, White Available 2 MICs
MIC Receiver Condenser Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic

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