Large Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • ✅SMART MEASUREMENT AND REMINDER - With a 4-color LCD backlight screen, you can easily read blood pressure measurement results under any light conditions. When the measurement result is not within the normal range, the screen will turn yellow or red to remind you to pay attention to your health.
  • ✅LARGE SIZE CUFF FOR HOME USE – Equipped with an adjustable large size cuff, which can be adjusted in a large range of 8.66-18.96 inches and suitable for the arm size of most adults to ensure that you can obtain accurate measurement results.
  • ✅ONE KEY OPERATION & VOICE BROADCAST - Press the "Start" button to start the measurement, and it only takes 50 seconds to accurately measure your blood pressure and heart rate. The voice broadcast function makes the operation easier and more convenient, and brings you a comfortable and pleasant product experience.
  • ✅2 USERS MODE&DATA MEMORY - This blood pressure monitor supports switching between 2 users. Each user can store 99 historical measurement records, which is convenient for you to track the blood pressure changes of yourself and your family.
  • ✅100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We provide a lifetime warranty for this blood pressure monitor. If there is any problem occur during the use of the product, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

Blood Pressure Cuffs for Home Use

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine

It is our passion to develop high-quality products that can easily be operated by every home user and provide the best-tailored products. We love to help you get the most out of the product and be more health aware.

  • 20201 NEW DESIGN


ELERA automatic blood pressure monitor has advanced sensing and control technology, upgraded DFFA double filter algorithm, the measurement result is more accurate, let you use it more at ease.

  • Accurate: After tens of thousands of clinical data acquisitions and optimized algorithms, the measurement data of this sphygmomanometer is more accurate.
  • Easy: Save complicated operation steps, One-key measurement of blood pressure, voice broadcast of measurement data, making it more convenient for you to use.
  • Fast: No need to make an appointment with a family doctor, you can monitor blood pressure at any time at home.
  • Intelligent: Intelligent pressurization technology to ensure the comfort of pressure measurement, automatic voice broadcast of blood pressure value after measurement.

Large Cuff for Adult Arms

Comes with a large cuff with a usage range of 8.66''-18.96'', which is suitable for most adults.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

In the process of measuring blood pressure, the upper arm blood pressure monitor will automatically detect whether you have arrhythmia.

Misoperation Detection

In the process of measuring blood pressure, the machine will detect whether you have moved your body. Move the body will cause the measured blood pressure to be inaccurate.

Cuff-wrapping Detection

The blood pressure machine will detect whether you have worn the cuff. Incorrect cuff binding will result in inaccurate measurement data

Four-color Backlight

Let you understand the health of blood pressure more intuitively.

- White:Startup Screen

- Green: Normal

- Orange: Mild High Pressure or Hypotension

- Red: High Pressure

2 Power Supply

Convenient for your travel and home use.

- Type-C connection line (Include)

- Battery (Include)

2 User & 99 Memories

- 2 User: One is equivalent to two, it records the blood pressure data of two users without interfering with each other.

- 99 Memories: Each user has 99 sets of measurement data storage memory, which is convenient for you to check blood pressure periodically.

Voice Broadcast

After the blood pressure is measured, the blood pressure machine will automatically broadcast the measured value.

- Mute Mode: The blood pressure monitor can also be silent mode according to your settings

Package including:

1 * Blood pressure monitor

1 * Cuff

1 * Type-c connection line

4 * Battery

1 * Quick User Guide

1 * Portable pocket

1 * Manual


- This product is specially designed for measuring adult blood pressure.

- Due to the environment, mood, body posture and measurement time, the measurement results will be different.

- When the power is interrupted, pressing any button will reset the machine's setting information.

- If there is no battery, you can use the C-type data cable to supply power.

- In order to obtain more accurate measurement results, it is recommended that take at least 10 minutes between each measurement.

- If you do not use the product for more than three months, please remove the battery to prevent battery leakage.

Cuff Size Large 5.6-19‘’ Large 5.6-19‘’ Extra Large 13-21" Standard 9-14" and XL 13-21"
Cuff Quantity 1 1 1 2
Screen Size 3.4 inches 3.4 inches 4.37 inches 3.6 inches
Backlit Display
Voice Broadcasting With voice (Voice function is disabled by default) With voice (Voice-enabled by default) No Voice No Voice

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