Waterproof Heated Touch Screen Gloves

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Gloves Waterproof Heated Touch Screen Powered Riding Gloves Heated Gloves Battery Powered Heated Gloves for Skiing Cycling

Bullet Points:

1、Slip-proof Design: Fingertips can be used to touch screen, and the gloves feature the safe reflective strip design, the palm is non-slip and wear-resistant, the gloves are internally breathable and warm, windproof and waterproof.
2、Fitness Promoter: Heated gloves feature the far infrared fiber heating elements covers whole fingers, which can promote blood circulation and provide comfortable temperature for you when winter strikes.
3、Wide Application: The gloves can be used for winter outdoor sports, like motorcycling,hiking, climbing, skiing, cycling, hunting, fishing, walking dogs, running, shoveling snow, snow removal car windows on the ice and snow. The gloves can be used for outdoor work, which provide heat and are durable. The gloves can be a warm gift for yourself, lover, friends, parents, elders, thus saying goodbye to cold hands.
4、Temperature Control: The gloves feature 5-level setting for heating speed adjustment, which can make the temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius - 55 degrees Celsius, a red light as the reminder of 55 degrees Celsius, the green light as the reminder of 50 degrees Celsius, the blue light as the reminder of 47 degrees Celsius, the white light as the reminder of 43 degrees Celsius, the yellow light as the reminder of 40 degrees Celsius.
5、Powerful Function: The gloves are comfortable and practical heated gloves, which are great for cold weather, thus helping you keep warmth when winter strikes.
1. 5-level setting for temperature control, powered by the battery box power, fingertip for touching screen, comfortable and warm.
2. The gloves require 3 5th AA batteries, 4.5VDC power supply.
3. Warming time is determined by the capacity of the selected battery.
4. Heated four fingers and heated back of gloves.

Name: 5-speed adjustable temperature USB battery box hand warmer gloves
Material: waterproof cloth + cotton velvet

Five-level for temperature control:
1. The first level views the red light as the reminder, the gloves can work for 4 hours, the heating temperature is 55 degrees Celsius.
2. The second level views the green light as the reminder, the gloves can work for 5 hours, heating temperature 50 degrees Celsius.
3. The third level views the blue light as the reminder, the gloves can work for 6 hours, heating temperature 45 degrees Celsius.
4. The fourth level views the white light as the reminder, the gloves can work for 10 hours, heating temperature 40 degrees Celsius.
5. The fifth level views the yellow light as the reminder, the gloves can work for 12 hours, heating temperature 35 degrees Celsius.

M: gloves full length 29cm/11.42in, palm width length 12cm/4.72in, middle finger length 9cm/3.54in, recommended palm circumference 26-28cm/10.24-11.02in
XL: gloves full length 30cm/11.81in, palm width length 13cm/5.12in, middle finger length 9.5cm/3.74in, recommended palm circumference 27-29cm/10.63-11.42in

Washing suggestions:
1. The gloves should be washed by hands, which are not washing machine safe, the maximum temperature of cleaning is 30 degrees Celsius.
2. The gloves can not be bleached by chlorine.
3. The gloves can not be reversed for drying.
4. Flatten the gloves and dry them.

Packing List:
1 pair of heated gloves
1 pair of battery cases

1. Please disconnect the battery when the gloves are not in use and store them in a dry place.

2. Do not over-distort the gloves when you use them to avoid uneven heating and heat dissipation.

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