3 Piece Retractable Dog Car Seatbelts

Color: Set 01-Black+Black
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  • DURABILITY - No matter how well-trained your pup may be, there is no guarantee that it won’t tug, pull, and chew on the seat belt during the ride. The material of our seat belt be extra durable, made of high density nylon fabric to ensure durability, and the metal elements of the construction to be sturdy enough not to unbuckle or snap at the worst possible moment.
  • ELASTIC BUFFER DESIGN - Restraint with elastic buffer could keep your dog from sudden brake or sharp turn, keep your dogs away from possible choking risk, allows pets active freely in certain space without the feeling of rigid control.
  • TANGLE-FREE & ADJUSTED - The dog seat belt can be easily adjusted from 20 to 26 inches. A sturdy, aluminium alloy clasp swivels 360 degrees to accommodate comfort in case he wants to sit, stand or lay down,so your dog can rotate and move around without ever getting tangled.
  • CONVENIENCE & UNIVERSAL FITTING - The universal design allows you to clip and unclip your pooch in seconds with no fiddling around.The tab on the seatbelt clip is 0.79 inch in width, which is compatible with most vehicles.Please make sure to check your buckle's size and compatibility before order.
  • FREE GIFT & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - The dog seatbelt comes with a collapsible travel bowl for pet. our goal is to design premium quality pet supplies that make life easier and more comfortable for pets and their families.Your satisfaction is our top most priority.Contact us for refund or exchange if you are not happy with our product for any reason.

Product Description


Whether you’re taking a 10-minute trip to the park or making an eight-hour move across state lines, keeping your dog safe and secure in your vehicle is a priority. An unrestrained dog not only puts it in harm’s way but also can become a dangerous distraction for you, the driver, if they jump into the front seat, fall onto the floor, or even become trapped under the brake pedal.In some states, it’s illegal to drive with an unrestrained animal in your vehicle.


While most dogs go into a wagging frenzy when it’s time to go for a ride. Dogs that experience car anxiety may feel more relaxed with the right car seat belt. If they’re comfortable and not struggling to keep their balance, they can learn to sit back and enjoy the view. At moderate speeds, you can even crack the windows so your dog can take in the aromas of the outdoors.


If your good boy loves to get excited and jump around, then he needs a dog seatbelt. Much the same as people should always wear a safety belt while driving, you need to ensure that your canine is safe too. The COOYOO retractable dog seatbelt set is a great choice. It’s compatible with most trucks, SUVs, and cars. It will make sure your pup stays safely in place, so you don’t have to worry about driving while distracted.The standard color is black, and it come in a variety of fun color options.


1. Please connect this seat belt with a pet harness instead of a pet collar to prevent strangulation or suffocation of the pet.

2. Please do not let your pet stick out of the window when using to avoid accidents caused by pet falling.

Note: The tab on the seatbelt clip is 0.79inch, please check your buckle's size and compatibility before purchase.

(Not applicable to:BMW,Volvo XC wagon,Volvo wagon fyi,2014 Hyundai Elantra, 2020 elantra,Toyota Sienna, Kia Rio,Jeep Wrangler)

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