4G SIM Card Home Security Solar Camera

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This 4G SIM card solar camera offers 360 IP camera coverage with a powerful 8MP 4K resolution. With dual lens technology, this CCTV battery camera is perfect for outdoor use and provides advanced smart home security surveillance. Its solar power capabilities make it a reliable and eco-friendly option for monitoring your property. Keep an eye on your surroundings with this solar-powered camera system, providing 4G connectivity for seamless remote access.



4G Camera Version Network: Only Support 4G LTE, Support 4G-BAND B1/B3/B5/B38/B39/B40/B41.

WiFi Camera Version network:Only Support 2.4G WiFi,Do Not Support 4G SIM Card.

Notice on Color Change of Solar Panel for Solar Cameras

Due to feedback from buyers that reverse colored solar panels are prone to dirt, the color of the solar panels was changed based on suggestions from customers who have purchased solar cameras. Black solar panels are more resistant to dirt and will look clean and tidy after prolonged use.

Why need smart security 4g sim card camera for home protection?


This solar surveillance camera requires no wiring, WiFi, or external power. Simply insert a 4G SIM card and enjoy uninterrupted use for 365 days thanks to built-in batteries and continuous solar charging. It is easy to install and user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for your security needs.

Why choose a dual lens camera?

Traditional single lens cameras cannot fully monitor 360 degrees, you need to install at least 2 cameras.

A single camera has a blind spot for monitoring, and the monitoring range is not comprehensive.

The current upgraded version of a 2-lens camera is equivalent to using two cameras, with no dead corners in 360 degrees, and only requires the cost of one device.

Network requirements for solar camera 4g sim card

4G Sim Card Camera

Your camera can work within the range of 4G, it is easy to access the network environment. (NOT support WI-FI network) Please check your SIM Card frequency before ordering.

Simply insert the Sim Card to connect and use it.

Network requirements for solar camera 2.4g wifi

WiFi Camera Support 2-Way Connection

1.AP hotspot connection, after connecting to the hotspot, it is necessary to return to the distribution network in the V380 Pro app.

2.QR code connection, after scanning the code, please follow the prompts in the app to complete the distribution network.

Advanced H.265 Video Format

H.265 technology help save storage space and deliver smooth viewing.

Solar Camera Support 10X Digital Zoom

This camera supports 10X Digital Zoom. Press and hold the screen with both hands to Zoom in/out and see more details.

PTZ Control


Experience complete control and coverage with this advanced solar-powered 4G SIM card camera. Easily pan, tilt, and adjust your viewing angle using the touch-screen controls, providing smooth and comprehensive monitoring of your home's outdoor spaces. Enjoy the freedom of monitoring from any location, with precise rotation capabilities in every direction.


Two way voice intercom

Effortlessly communicate with your loved ones through this 4G SIM Card Solar Camera's two-way voice real-time call feature. Enjoy face-to-face interaction no matter the distance, and stay connected remotely at any time with easy intercom.

Dual lens solar camera 360 degree panoramic video


Features include a built-in rotary motor for comprehensive monitoring, allowing for fixed-point cruise shooting and customizable shooting positions. No area will go unseen with this 4G SIM card solar camera, perfect for outdoor dual lens smart home security surveillance.


Al intelligent detection


Capture video and real-time pictures are sent to your mobile phone after this camera detects any movement, allowing for easy tracking and monitoring.


Ultra-clear intelligent night vision

Photographs are as clear during the day,rainy day and night.

Continuity even in rainy days

Waterproof body, dual power supply mode continues to last, 365 days of life without power.


HD 8MP / 4K High Definition Display

Experience high-definition interface output with the added convenience of online playback and mobile remote support. With multi-window display capability and a remarkable 8MP resolution, this camera offers a wider angle and improved image clarity.

Waterproof IP66 Solar Outdoor Camera

The security outdoor camera is equipped with an IP65 rated waterproof outer casing, designed to operate the ptz cctv camera even in extreme weather conditions.

The surveillance camera shell is made of high quality plastics, which is IP65 waterproof design shell can prevent dust and splash water from entering (please make sure all cover is used in correct position)

SD Card & Cloud Storage

The camera supports up to 128GB TF card local backup and also provides cloud storage service (Need to pay extra cost).

Support multi person and multi platform

Family can watch online at the same time

Easily accessible through a mobile app, this 4G SIM Card Solar Camera Wifi 360 IP Camera offers 8MP 4K CCTV and dual lens technology for outdoor surveillance. It also allows for multi-user online viewing and sharing with family members. Enjoy the convenience and security of versatile home monitoring with this smart camera.

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