Reusable Breast Nipple Cover (1 Pair )

Color: Wheat Color
Size: Diameter 8Cm
Sale price$5.22


The self-adhesive milk patch is designed specifically for sensitive skin, offering a non-sticky and warm solution. Our silicone nipple provides expertly discreet coverage without the need for glue, preventing any potential discoloration. With its ultra-thin, seamless design and long-lasting stickiness, it can be comfortably worn all day. In fact, it has a 100-time reusable lifespan, which is 10 times longer than ordinary silicone chest stickers. To apply, simply remove any body oils or residue, ensure the skin is clean and dry, and gently press the skin-friendly side onto the breast. For optimal fit and adherence, press the edges and use your hand to warm and secure it for 10 seconds.

Function: Anti-bump/no trace invisible
Style: ultra-thin
Material: Silicone
Size: 8cm in diameter
Quantity: 1 pair

The package includes:
1 pair of chest stickers

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